The Seagull

Part II

Georges stood looking at the empty construction for several seconds during which he was seized by a deep regret for preferring a treasure over his own wife. He took the gun from the back of his jeans and threw it on the sand. The weapon did a thud and slightly sank in the ground. Billy quickly ran towards the gun, picked it, brought it back to Georges and said:

“We never know what can happen.

-Where is she? Georges yelled at Billy, seizing him by the shoulders and shaking him frenetically.

-Calm down, I don’t know where the fuck she is. Last time I saw her, she was eating on this boat.

-Well she is not there is she?

-She must have gone for a walk, staying in that thing for hours is not very comfortable, she must be somewhere around.

-I told her it would be dangerous to wonder around in this place, Sandra always listens to me.” Georges was still holding Billy and looking at him directly in the eyes.

-“Look.” Billy slowly removed Georges’s hand from his shoulder. “Let’s go search for her, I am sure she’s not far.”

Georges kept looking anxiously at Billy until suddenly, Georges dashed frenetically in the direction of the jungle. Billy quickly followed him and kept yelling “Wait!” but Georges was, once again, too much preoccupied to hear the words. He furiously entered in the flourishing jungle and Billy came after him. Georges was going so fast that the situations when Billy was loosing sight of him became more and more frequent. After half an hour, Billy could only know where Georges was by listening to his steps, all of a sudden, the sound of the steps stopped. Georges had stopped to get his air back. At this moment, Billy put his hand on Georges’s back and said:

“Look, I don’t think it’s the best way to…”

Georges didn’t give Billy the time to end his sentence as he dashed randomly again in the jungle.

After two hours, the sun was now almost completely disappearing in the horizon and Georges decided that he would go back to the boat to wait for Sandra. The two silently collected various types of wood and half an hour later, a dim fire was shining in an island far away from everything and where two men had been ejected by the world. Georges and Billy, hadn’t exchange a word since the sun had disappeared but Georges, seeing Billy trying to prevent himself from crying, took pity of him and said:

“Sorry for before, it wasn’t your fault.”

Billy didn’t answer.

“It’s this fishing boat!” Georges kicked the boat. “I knew I had to construct another one.

-Maybe someone will come get us. Billy said sobbing.

-Maybe Billy.”

The two fell asleep.
Once again, Georges was awakened by Billy who was shaking him furiously. He was yelling:

“Georges! Wake up! There is a boat! There is a boat!

-What? Where? Georges wasn’t quite woken up.

-Look!” Billy pointed his finger towards the horizon where a white dot was slowly moving. Then, Billy ran towards the jungle meanwhile Georges, due to the psychological and physical efforts of the preceding day, remained in a transitive state of mind. He couldn’t realize what was happening until Billy, five minutes later, came with a bunch of branches of various sizes. Billy was strangely carrying all the wood by himself. The approach of a prospective end to all his suffering seemed to have given him a supernatural strength. He put the wood on the sand and lighted it with a match. The sunny day and the absence of the wind made the operation successful as ten minutes later, Billy was screaming for help and doing wide signs with his arms in front of a pillar of white smoke.

Georges was still seated on the sand, contemplating the white dot moving in the horizon. Suddenly, he got up, seized Billy by the arms and threw him on the floor. Then, he put himself on top of him and spluttered:

“Where is Sandra?

-I don’t know man, let me get up. Billy’s face was turning red again.

-No! I won’t go without my wife.

-That’s your fucking problem, let me get up or they won’t see us. Billy was trying to push Georges away.

-Where is Sandra? Where is Sandra?”

Given an amazing force by the will to survive, Billy pushed Georges away and Georges rolled on the sand. Then, Billy got up and saw a white sail. They had seen them.

Three months later, Georges went into a special restaurant where he ordered a seagull. He tasted it, took the gun from his pocket and shot himself.

Jadd Hilal

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